DIY Moon Shaped Flower Bouquet

DIY Moon Shaped Flower Bouquet

She was a moon flower, only blooming at night - Moon Shaped Flower Bouquet

The Moon Shaped Flower Bouquet is so beautiful. It's a perfect gift for someone you care about. The DIY process is pretty simple. You can do it yourself easily. Here are what we need:

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Step 1: Make a moon-shaped floral foam

Step 2: We use the floral foam brick as a stand. Place the moon-shaped floral foam on top of the floral foam brick. We can use the bamboo sticks to hold it.

Step 3: Put the flowers on the surface of the moon-shaped floral foam. You can use fresh flowers or artificial flowers. I prefer artificial flowers since it lasts much longer.

Step 4: Decorate it with wrapping paper and ribbon

Step 5: Decorate it with LED night (this is optional)

The end result is endless. You can see how other people decorate it.

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