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Red Roses Bouquet Wrapping Tutorial

Red Roses Bouquet Wrapping Tutorial Since ancient times, rose has been the symbol of love and affection. Today, roses are considered to be a universal language of love through floral arrangements. The red rose symbolizes celestial love or the love for god and the white one stands for divine friendship. A single rose can convey your feelings if you keep it close to your heart and at the same time it can convey your inner thoughts to a loved one even if you are far away from her/him. Floral Arrangements help you in conveying your feelings to someone special on...

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DIY Moon Shaped Flower Bouquet

She was a moon flower, only blooming at night - Moon Shaped Flower Bouquet The Moon Shaped Flower Bouquet is so beautiful. It's a perfect gift for someone you care about. The DIY process is pretty simple. You can do it yourself easily. Here are what we need: Moon shaped floral foam floral foam brick Gypsophila or roses bamboo stick packing materials (e.g. ribbon, wrapping paper) If you are looking for finished product, you can click here. Products related to this blog Step 1: Make a moon-shaped floral foam Step 2: We use the floral foam brick as a stand. Place the...

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Baby's-breath Flower Arrangement That Looks Like an Ice Cream

Baby's-breath Flower Arrangement That Looks Like an Ice Cream The Gypsophila Paniculata or also known as "Baby's-breath" is a flower widely used to decorate at weddings. Either alone or accompanying any other flower. It has a volatile and very romantic appearance and that is why it is a chosen flower especially for weddings of that style.The following video shows you how to wrap Baby's-breath to make it looks like an Ice Cream.Things you need:Gypsophila Paniculata (Baby's-breath)Wrapping paper   Products related to this blog

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Balloon Rose Flower Bouquet Tutorial

DIY Tutorial - Balloon Rose Flower Bouquet Recently I asked my Facebook friends if they wanted me to do a diy tutorial on a anything they like. They were very responsive with an overwhelming request for me to do one about making a balloon rose bouquet which is exactly what I did. I love DIY tutorials and I hope you don't mind if I share it on my blog too, but one thing that most people ask is where should they get the supplies. So here's a step by step tutorial on how I made this bouquet in case you want...

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Handheld Kraft Paper Bag Flower Arrangement

Handheld Kraft Paper Bag Flower Arrangement I love paper bags, they are just beautiful. They are recyclable and perfect for storing little things like the ones we usually have in the DIY world. Using the kraft paper bags, you can create some decorative flower arrangement. They are really easy to make, perfect for some special event. Things you need: Waterproof Handheld Flower Basket artificial flowers or fresh flowers Products related to this blog   The following video shows you - Handheld Kraft Paper Bag Flower Arrangement.

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