Anime Style Transparent Flower Wrapping Paper –

Anime Style Transparent Flower Wrapping Paper

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Anime Style Transparent Flower Wrapping Paper

Bring a smile to the face of the recipient with this beautifully designed and multi-colored anime wrapping paper. Its transparency makes the box and included floral decoration stand out more, creating an unforgettable presentation. Perfect for sealing homemade dishes or sweets, this stunning wrapping paper can also be used as a wrapper for presents when combined with other decorative products such as bows or ribbons.

Our transparent wrapping paper is not only easy on the environment, but it's also fashionable! The colorful patterns and designs show off your bouquet and make your favor look even more stunning.

  • Style: Anime
  • Size: 58 cm x 58 cm
  • 20 pieces per package

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