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Artificial Sunflower For Living Room Indoor Decoration

Artificial Sunflower For Living Room Indoor Decoration

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Artificial Sunflower

Make your home more welcoming with this stunning artificial sunflower. Perfect for indoor settings, this lifelike sunflower offers a naturalistic look anywhere from a living room to office space. An intricate leaf design on the green stem and petals create an authentic touch, while bright yellow blooms give the sunflower life. When placed in direct light, the sunflower illuminates an array of orange-tinged hues that add warmth and energy to transitional spaces. Bring the outdoors inside with this charming decoration.

You won't believe that this Artificial Sunflower isn't real. Beautiful flowers are complemented by a cluster of green leaves that look impossibly soft to the touch. Its an excellent choice for a centerpiece or home decoration.

  • Size: 3 Heads sunflower(Height : 90 cm), Sunflower bouquet(Height : 35 cm), Mega sunflower(Height : 70 cm, Flower diameter: 17 cm), Normal sunflower(Height : 42 cm, Flower diameter: 12 cm)
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • With vase : No

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